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Star MegaDo IV Launch Party

I’m a bit late posting on this, and the details have been posted by a certain lady (who I hear was also tweeting like mad at the event :), but I was fortunate enough to be able to secure a spot to the SMD IV Launch Party, which was in my backyard at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City.  I think because it was in my backyard, I would’ve been particularly disappointed if I hadn’t gotten into this one.  Here’s some pictures of the party:

We first had a presentation from Hyatt (who also hosted the event), which was pretty cool.  This was a slide from their promotion right before they announced their promo associated with the SMD IV:

Well, their big promo turned out to be a call for our frequent flyer community to suggest to them what the promotion should be.  To me, this seemed like a cop out, a call that they’ve run out of  good ideas.  The whole presentation built on how terrific their previous two promotions were, and wondering how they could possible top it, so it was a bit of a let down.  On the other hand, I did hear some people complain that the OneWorld MegaDO promotion was too hard for most people to achieve, so perhaps it is a smart move to solicit our input (if nothing else, they’ve also partially shifted responsibility for a good promo over to those interested now).

Anyway, after that, then we had the main show of the night, which was the MegaDO itinerary, presented by tommy777.  There were several firsts, namely a wide-body and a brand new aircraft.  For more coverage, see View From the Wing’s post (which also links to a few other blogs that covered the party).

Lastly, the night ended with drawings for 25 lucky attendees who were guaranteed seats on the MegaDO.  Like Heels First Travel (who also won United 1K status in the raffle, her lucky night!), I was lucky enough to be among those 25!  I’ll definitely be clearing my schedule and preparing to buy tickets for the MegaDO, and I may do the international portion as well!  I’m waiting on cost and final details before I commit to it, but I think that part would be a lot of fun, if taxing.