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Chase Credit Card Reconsideration line

This post jumps ahead a bit for all the beginners, but I’d like to go ahead and cover it.  The Chase reconsideration line has been thoroughly blogged about in the miles community, but I figured I would share my experiences.  All the major credit card companies have reconsideration lines you can call if you ever have a credit card application denied.  I recently applied for the Chase Ink Bold Business card which is a charge card.  It features a 50,000 Ultimate Rewards bonus for spending $5000 on it in 3 months.  The offer on this card has actually just been refreshed on Monday November 28.  It still offers the same bonus as before, but now also offers 5X points on certain types of business spending (office supplies, wireless, cable, telecommunications, among others), and 2X on gas and hotel purchases.

Anyway, when you call the business reconsideration line, they will generally ask you for details about your business (it can be a business you’re trying to start), and if you already have a lot of credit with Chase they will either ask (or you can suggest) taking some credit off your other credit lines and reallocating it to opening a new credit card.  For example my application for the Ink Bold was deferred (the actually message I got when I applied said something about processing).   I had a Chase BA Visa card that I wasn’t really using anymore, so I asked them to take some of the credit line from that and open an Ink Bold account.

Chase tends to be very flexible with these things so it’s always worth following up with them on your applications.  The number for the Chase reconsideration line is below, courtesy of Darius at Million Mile Secrets, who has a very thorough post about the Chase reconsideration line.

Chase Credit Card Reconsideration

  • 888–245–0625 connects directly to a personal card credit analyst
  • 800–453–9719 connects directly to a business card credit analyst
  • 888–609–7805 connects to the application status department


You can find a link for the Chase Ink Bold application as well as other great offers on the Credit Card Offers page

UPDATE:  Thanks to Chris for also sharing his experiences in the comments:

“I recently was declined for the Chase Southwest Visa.  The rejection letter said that I had two many accounts open with Chase.  (I have three other Chase credit cards.)  I called the reconsideration line and offered to cancel one of the other cards.  The Chase Customer Service rep said she would reopen my application and take a look at it.  She asked a few questions about my income, then said she could approve me if we reduced the size of the credit lines on my other cards.  I was happy to do that, and I got approved.  The whole process was easy and painless.”