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A few fun articles :)

I ran across a few fun travel related links in the past couple days that I wanted to share.

The Oatmeal had a comic about the saddest things ever heard on an airplane (they have actually made several comics about air travel, linked at the bottom of that page.

This might be a bit late, but apparently there’s a TSA Holiday Choir at LAX (courtesy of One Mile At A Time).

Lastly, in the spirit of the holidays, check out this aircraft painting (it’s old news, but still relevant).  In fact, see more cool aircraft paintings that airlines have used.



Free Hilton Gold Status

Courtesy of New Girl in the Air – Wow!  You can get FREE Hilton Gold status for 15 months!  Gold status will get you bonus Hilton points, plus free upgrades, free breakfast, and free internet at most Hilton properties.  Just register for this promo.  When it asks for a code to verify your credit card, just use 411945.  It doesn’t seem to matter if you actually have a credit card at all!  If you don’t already have a Hilton membership, sign up for one for free then register for this promo!

UPDATE:  As of 12/28, this no longer seems to be working.  Often when you see an opportunity like this you have to jump at it quick!

UPDATE:  On 12/31,   I read on another blog that people are now having success using the code 442394.



Back on Twitter!

Yay!  Twitter finally got around to unblocking my account, which had been suspended as a spam account.  Shame on them for making me send multiple emails and wait 10+ days, but since everything is honky-dory now, I’ll consider it water under the bridge.

Do follow me @freqflyercoll, updates to the blog will be posted there, as well as any other good deals or links that I come across 🙂

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