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Thieves might kill the latest scheme

Frequent Miler, who brought us the whole Office Depot 5X Ultimate Rewards AMEX prepaid bonanza, is now also reporting an experience that I recently had at Office Depot.  When I went to refill my gift card last weekend with $1000 worth of reload cards, the cashier at first told me that I had to pay with a debit card.  I mentioned to her that I would prefer a credit card, and I’ve bought these in the past with no issue, so she made a call over her walkie talkie to the manager.  After a nervous 10 seconds, she went ahead and processed my purchase using my trusty Ink Bold card with no further issues.

So I asked her why they had started asking for debit cards, and she said something vague about bad people buying a lot of these cards.  I’d been informed by a friend of mine (knowledgeable on these issues), that these types of prepaid gift cards were used in money laundering schemes, because they can’t really be tracked if someone pays in cash.  So I figured it was something along those lines.  Well, according to Frequent Miler, it’s worse than that, people are just basically stealing these cards out right.

For once, maybe the blame won’t be on bloggers for killing the deal?