Return of the blogger!

I haven’t posted in quite a while, but I’ve had some recent experiences that I felt I should share, or at least record for posterity.

First off, I had a great time a couple of weekends ago at the first ChampagneDO.  The lovely girls Jeanne and Keri of Heels First Travel planned this event, and  even reviewed and visually documented the event!  I certainly had a good time.

I also recently took a trip to Singapore, and met up with folks on the Flyertalk SIN DO while I was there.  I had a great time there, and it was my first time in Singapore, as well as flying in ANA and Singapore First class (including a trip in the Suites!).  I’ll post more about that soon.

The story I wanted to share today happened while I was flying to Puerto Rico on AA (in first class of course).  I’d asked for hot tea on the plane.  A few minutes later, the purser came by and began apologizing and explaining how they had forgotten to load ceramic glasses, and asked if it would be ok to serve it in a styrofoam cup.  Now, while having real glasses and mugs is nice, I certainly don’t need that, and wouldn’t turn down a drink just because it didn’t come in one…my main concern would be that it’s slightly less environmentally friendly, but not enough to worry me.

Anyway, I responded that it (hot tea in a styrofoam cup) was better than having it in a plastic or glass cup 🙂