First time through TSA PreCheck

Apparently One Mile at a Time also just had his first PreCheck experience, but on my mileage run/mini vacation to Puerto Rico this weekend, I also got selected for PreCheck for my United flight out of DCA.  It’s kinda funny, because as I was handing my ID and scanning my mobile boarding pass, I was dreading at having to remove all the crap I needed to from my backpack (toiletries, laptop, iPad).  Since it was only a one day trip, I had decided to just take a backpack along.  But then, once the TSA agent was done looking at my documents, they directed me to the PreCheck line :-D.  It was amazing, not having to take off your shoes or belt, OR even removing anything from your bag.  I mentioned this on Facebook already, but it’s like 1999 security all over again!

And the kicker on top of that…The guy behind me in line got swabbed for explosives on the hands, so I even managed to avoid that.  In case that doesn’t make sense to everyone (because I’m not sure a lot of airports even do this), at DCA, they just randomly swab people’s hands in the security line while they are waiting to show their ID, and they run the swab through some machine which detects explosive residue.