The significance to me of seeing Australia

I started thinking about this as I was landing.  The first time I really saw much of anything about Australia was TV coverage of the 2000 Sydney Olympic games.  I remember watching the opening credits of the coverage and thinking that it seemed like a great place to visit.  I managed to dig up a video clip on YouTube of the opening credits (it cuts off some of the scenic landscape view that I remember, but you get the idea).

I forgot about visiting Australia after that, until a few years ago, I remembered it would be a great place to visit.  It became a bit of a long term goal that was just “out there” for me, and then it was amplified last year when one of my good friends ended up moving to Australia.  Ironically, I missed my friend during this trip since he wasn’t here at the moment.  Recalling all the memories of reasons that I wanted to come to Australia makes me appreciate the points and miles collecting even more.

I probably would’ve made this trip happen sooner or later, but it was certainly was much less costly and enjoyable being able to travel the way I did here.   While visiting Australia is by no means a major lifelong dream that has been the focus of my life, I do appreciate that it was an idea I had thought about several times in the past, and it’s cool to think that I’ve now had the opportunity to “check it off my list,” so to speak.  Some people may never have the opportunity to ever see the place they want to go for a variety of reasons, which makes me appreciate this experience even more.