Virgin America financial results…not so good

Cranky Flier (quickly becoming my favorite read) has put out a post about Virgin America’s latest quarterly report.  Basically, they don’t sound like they’re doing that well.  Virgin American rolled out the red carpet for those of us that attended the KivaDo back in February (for which I have a draft post that still has never been completed…), and I think most people generally like the airline.  Unfortunately, their loyalty program leaves a lot to be desired.  And apparently, so does their financial performance.

Virgin attributes their losses to their rapid growth, but this contrasts with another recent CF article about Southwest Airlines, where SWA managed to grow rapidly and pay their staff well without hemorrhaging money.  Well, hopefully VX can turn it around.  They’re more innovative and edgy with their airplanes and business philosophy with other airlines, and it’s nice to see their influence in the market bringing down fares in certain markets/on certain routes.