Time for another spurt of posts :)

I’ve got a backlog of interesting things I ran across and wanted to post, but never did.  I’ve been working on some websites keeping me busy (which weren’t in WordPress, which would’ve saved me a lot of time), but I’m winding those up now, and hopefully I’ll be able to post regularly again!

Anyway, I started following Cranky Flier at some point, and just wanted to post a couple of articles I read on his site.  The first was an article about some of the intricacies of airlines and change planes on the same flight number, among other things.  What I really like about Cranky Flier’s posts is that when he runs across something funny, it’s not just a half-baked, superficial treatment of the topic with a link to the article (like the posts that guy Frequent Flyer Collector makes :-P), but it usually involves a history of the topic, and how things came to be.  That particular article talks about how the current convoluted flight number systems “evolved” from marketing strategies.

Another article he wrote was about Delta’s purchase of a refinery.  Great analysis, and a quick primer to how the oil/refining market works, and what was going through Delta’s head when they made this move.  I highly recommend reading those two articles and following Crank Flier’s blog as well, for many interesting, well-researched articles.