Protect your frequent flyer accounts!

An CBS Chicago article describes some people’s experiences with their miles being taken.  While I’m not totally irresponsible with my mileage accounts, I don’t feel like I protect my information on them as closely as other things.  For one, using AwardWallet is a major weak point, because if someone can breach that account, then they have access to your entire collection.

My take is that if my miles/points were stolen, it would be upsetting, but not as bad as my bank account being emptied.  The miles have value, and I’ve definitely invested time and money into getting some miles, but for some reason I wouldn’t feel like it’s the end of the world if they were stolen (possibly because I collect way too much of them?).  I suspect it would still be quite upsetting if something like that happened to me though.

On the other hand, while having AwardWallet is a weak security point, it does also allow me to keep an eye on everything with little effort.  so if there was a breach on one of my accounts, I would probably find out sooner than if I didn’t use an aggregating service.