TSA Tales

This could probably become a regular column 😛  A couple weeks back, Wandering Aramean posted about TSA pulling a person’s pants down in public while performing a pat-down (complete with pictures).

I had my own TSA resentment story.  While flying to Dublin last weekend out of EWR, I opted out of the millimeter wave scanner, <sarcasm>because I really wanted a massage </sarcasm> (and I wanted to do something in my life to potentially avoid cancer).  Anyway, they pulled me aside and called for male assist.  Almost immediately after I stepped aside, they started redirecting others through the regular metal detector, because they had to clean the scanner.  None of those people were pat down.  When I asked why I couldn’t just walk through, they told me I was “suspiscious” since I opted out.  I understand the logic, but I don’t understand what the point of the machine is if we just randomly let people through without it.  Apparently the five people behind me didn’t need to go through that machine, so why does anyone need to?

Honestly, I am not one of those terribly concerned with the privacy invading characteristics of those machines, although that is a legitimate concern.  But since there is potential for causing cancer, I do think that is a good reason to not use those machines.

To hell with security theater…