Flying with Children

Recently, Delta Points and Mommy Points combined to write an article about flying safely with children.  Delta Points post covers the safety of flying with a child in your arms, and discusses bringing car seats on board, while Mommy Points goes into her personal experience with a lap child, brings up an old NTSB report and testimony about lap children, and reflects on the reasons we all collect miles.

I’m by no means an expert on this, unless you count being on flights that kids on 🙂  I generally haven’t had any horrible experiences, crying kids here and there, but that’s about it.  I think that despite the cost, parents should buy their children seats, even those under 2 (even though they are not required to), for the comfort for themselves and of fellow passengers.  Of course, this is coming from someone who doesn’t have to pay for the extra ticket, and I recognize it’s easy for me to say this when I’m not the one incurring the cost.

The safety argument that the other bloggers is a strong argument.  Despite airline travel being relatively safe these days, there’s still incidents of turbulence when people are thrown around the aircraft, or worse.  And a lap child would be easily injured during those incidents.  So I think that’s probably the most important consideration in this whole discussion.