Dream Flights

The blogs I follow post a lot of reviews/reports about flights in first class.  I want to post some of these trips as an example of what frequent flyer miles can get you.  Generally, these flights are pretty over the top for what you really need (from point A to B), but if you can rake in enough miles, why not do this for the experience?

Also, some of these reports definitely contain some first world complaints, but at least they do cover as many aspects as possible.

First up, a couple of recent boarding area series on UAE airlines.   The Wandering Aramean posts about his experience in Emirates First Class (which has showers on board the plane.  Also, One Mile at a Time posts about his trip to Abu Dhabi aboard Etihad.

Also from One Miles at a Time, he recently posted about a trip to Tokyo via Europe, and flew first class on several airlines for that