New AA Plane “Sky-Interior”

A few days ago, AAdvantage Geek worked me into another post 🙂  We were talking about the planes in AA’s fleet, as mentioned in his blog post.  In particular, we were discussing the MD-80’s, which I was stunned to find still being operated when I started flying AA, and also the new 737 -800s with Sky-Interior (links courtesy of AAdvantage Geek).

Anyway, I noticed the new 737 interiors when I got to fly aboard one a few weeks back (also on a mileage run).  I took a couple of pictures of the plane’s interior:

The lighting in these planes is a more natural bluish color coming from LEDs.  It reminds me a bit of Virgin America’s aircraft because there is more color (though it’s obviously not the same light color scheme).  It is kind of pleasant to see that color of lighting though.

Also, notice the luggage bins.  They’re similar to the international style bins that you find on 747s and 777s.  Although, I don’t think the luggage storage area is as large as the long haul planes.  The bin just opens and comes down the same way.  Hopefully, we will be seeing more of these aircraft as American placed huge orders last year to modernize their fleet