Airport Security…or the lack thereof

Via View From the Wing, yesterday, Bruce Schneier, a famous security expert, wrote about the irrelevance of TSA in response to a TSA blog post about their top 10 catches of 2011 (notably, there’s no terrorists in that list…hmmm).  Anyway, the commentary at both links are amusing, and there is a link to a Vanity Fair article with Bruce Schneier discussing how easy it is to beat TSA.

I’ve actually experienced some of the things mentioned in that article.  Last week when I flew out of DCA (Washington Reagan, the airport described in the article), I had someone approach me at security to swab my hands…while I was frantically trying to get my boarding pass loaded on my phone and get my ID out.  Thanks for helping the boarding process TSA.  Whether or not someone’s  hands had traces of explosives, don’t you  think you’d fine the explosives while screening the bag, as described in your top 10.  Oh wait, oops, you guys only find that on the return trip.  Well, nice try.  Seriously, the only people that this test ever catches (that I’ve heard of), are military personnel who’s jobs involve working with explosives.  Yea…I’m real glad you’re protecting us from our own military, TSA.

Also, I believe the Vanity Fair article mentions medical needs (at the bottom of the first page).  I’ve actually witnessed (a family member) get some liquids not typically allowed through security, with the approval of the TSA agents, because of a shoulder injury.  So I guess if you have an “injured shoulder,” you’re free to bring you “medication” and “pain killers” through.

Yup, trillions of dollars wasted on TSA and people’s time.  Don’t you feel safe?  Oh btw, they’re also potentially causing you cancer in the future with the X-ray machines, while the government official that authorized the machine makes a killing from them.