Taking Hotel Toiletries (for a good cause of course!)

This morning, I ran across an amusing post at Million Miles Secrets about stealing hotel toiletries.  To be fair, as mentioned by Emily in the lined post, it’s not really stealing because you’re paying for these toiletries in your hotel rate, and partially used bottles are presumably thrown away once you check out of the hotel.  In addition, Darius and Emily turn the toiletries into care packages that they give out in third world countries.

This idea (or a similar one) crossed my mind earlier when I was moving.  I had a whole drawer of liquid and bar soaps, shampoos, conditioners, etc, that I had gained from hotels and/or my parents.  I knew I had quite a few, that I generally never touched, since I’d occasionally grabbed them from hotels.  I thought it was a total waste to just throw all these toiletries away, since I had never even opened a lot of them, so I started looking to see if there was some charitable organization that would accept these.  Low and behold, I googled a bit and came upon SAY San Diego.  I brought them a whole box of toiletries, which they greatly appreciated, and said would be given to their clients that were “between jobs.”  The organization even sent me a letter recognizing the donation and allowing me to state the value of items donated…so you can even get a tax deduction for doing this!

Anyway, after that, I started thinking I should just always collect the hotel toiletries, and then donate them all at some point to an organization that can use them.  I’ve been too lazy thus far to do it, but maybe I’ll start now. 🙂

Obviously, there are probably other organizations that would accept these items, so feel free to post them in the comments below!