Musings of an Amazon addict – Maximizing points on purchases

I admit it, I’m addicted to buying things on Amazon.  I finally got an Amazon Prime membership early last year, and then after I moved, I used Amazon to buy 90% of my new household goods.  With two day (sometimes upgraded for free to one day) shipping, I could just click, pay, and receive items in a couple days.  I didn’t have to figure out where stores were, or what I could buy at which stores, and all that mess.  And that seemed great to me (well it still seems great to me also)!

And today Frequent Miler has a great post about maximizing your credit card miles/points from Amazon purchases!  A lot of these involve buying Amazon gift cards at places where a specific credit card gets a category bonus.  Personally, I have the Chase Ink Bold, and the AMEX Business Gold card, so I’m planning to look into using those on Amazon gift cards.  However, I applied for the Ink Bold before they converted to the new offer that earns 5 points on office supply spend, so I’m going to have to figure out how to get the new version of the Ink Bold.

Also, don’t forget that you can earn 1 point per dollar at Amazon by going through the Hawaiian Airlines Shopping portal (note that there is not other way to earn points or miles on Amazon, with US Airways changing their online shopping mall operator…Amazon is not on Chase Ultimate Rewards or AMEX Membership Rewards either).  Hawaiian Airline miles might not seem that useful (unless you want to go to Hawaii), but they do have various airline partners (Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Korean Air), or you can transfer the miles to Hilton HHonors points in increments of 5000 miles for 10000 HHonors points.