When things don’t go as planned.

Sometimes (or maybe most of the time), unexpected things happen with travel plans and travel award bookings.  Today I’m going to talk about the recent experience of my friend Caoibes.  I met her at the Flyertalk Chicago Seminars back in October.  She’s a Delta flyer, and has been doing the miles game about the same length of time as me.  One of the trips we had recently read about in one of the blogs was an award booking to the French Seychelles.   Caoibes was planning to spend her miles on a long trip to Asia…however, inspired by the seminars, she decided to look into a more exotic location.

Shortly after the seminars, she researched her options and booked a vacation to the Seychelles, complete with flights business class seats and resort hotel stays.  Unfortunately, Air France’s partner Air Seychelles has apparently discontinued service from CDG-SEZ (Charles De Gaulle Paris International – Seychelles International), and Delta had to cancel her flight (which sorta toasts the whole trip 🙁 ).  Now, at least she has the miles back, and should be able to get the hotel points back.  What is she going to next?  Where else in the world will she go?  Stay tuned for a future post to find out, and see some of the options you have with miles and points!